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This text by Derek Beres was initially printed on Psychedelic Highlight, and seems right here with permission.
Christmastime, that magical second every year once we sit round a heat hearth sipping on cactus juice whereas singing “Rudolph, was a vibrant crimson mushroom.” 
That’s not how your loved ones does it? 
The psychedelic origins of the Christmas mythology is a type of tales normally divided into two camps: psychedelics advocates swearing legitimacy and the remainder of humanity shaking their head. The place myths originate and the place they find yourself are sometimes vastly totally different places, nevertheless. Let’s discover the reasoning behind the concept mistletoe and eggnog have extra punch than you assume.

Santa Claus is a shaman who offers out psychedelic mushrooms as “items.”

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If the origin story might be summated in a single sentence, which may do. In fact, context is important. 
The time period “shaman” originates in Russia. The Tungusic time period, šaman, is translated as “one who is aware of.” In his classical work on the subject, Shamanism: Archaic Methods of Ecstasy, non secular historian Mircea Eliade notes that many phrases have been used globally to indicate shamanic prowess: drugs man, sorcerer, magician. Eliade even speculates the shaman time period is expounded to wandering mendicants, although that notion has been debated. So far as we all know, shamanism etymology is specific to spiritual rituals in Siberia and Central Asia, which strains up with the Santa Claus fable. 
In truth, Santa’s well-known red-and-white go well with mimics the Amanita mushroom. Siberian shamans solid an in depth relationship with reindeer spirits, accounting for the magical “flight” that the North Pole resident makes yearly—and, it ought to be famous, the North Pole lies within the Arctic Ocean, which buffers towards the East Siberian Sea. 

Reindeer play a big function within the shaman’s potential to journey. As Eliade notes, shamans tackle a chimeric affiliation with regional animals together with wolves, bears, fish, and reindeer. The shaman “dies” to his previous id as he assumes this hybrid function, the place the “animal symbolizes an actual and direct reference to the past.”
This connection, as has been properly documented, facilitates the “journey” shamans embark on due to various instruments: holotropic breathwork, drumming, and psychedelics. For those who’re going to go to all the kids on the planet in a single evening, you’re going to wish a little bit of magic. 
Reindeer truly eat Amanita mushrooms. They hunt for them within the wild. Science editor Andrew Haynes writes that people journey on psychedelic mushrooms to really feel a sensation of flight, and believes that reindeer search them out to “escape the monotony of dreary lengthy winters.” Like people, they even seem to “have a want for altered states of consciousness.” 
Then there’s urine. Shamans and herdsmen are documented ingesting reindeer urine with a purpose to expertise the psychedelic results of the mushrooms the caribou have eaten. Extremely, this isn’t solely a cross-species phenomenon. Initiates drink the urine of shamans who’ve nibbled on mushrooms for a similar purpose. Psychedelic piss is thought to be recycled as much as 5 occasions, as evidenced in 18th-century reporting by Philip Johann von Strahlenberg.

Santa’s gown code and trusty flight companions aren’t the one connections to the psychedelic expertise. Amanita mushrooms enhance yuletide iconography all through Scandinavia and northern Europe. In truth, classics professor Carl Ruck has identified that Rudolph’s nostril seems to be eerily much like a bright-red mushroom. 
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Whereas the follow of gift-giving throughout Christmas is comparatively new—one other trace of vacation capitalism is the connection between Santa’s gown code and the Coca Cola bottle —mushrooms are discovered beneath pine timber, similar to vacation presents. In Mushrooms and Mankind, James Arthur factors out the connection. 
“Why do folks deliver pine timber into their homes on the winter solstice, inserting brightly coloured (red-and-white) packages below their boughs, as items to indicate their love for one another? It’s as a result of, beneath the pine bough is the precise location the place one would discover this ‘Most Sacred’ substance, the Amanita muscaria, within the wild.”
Anthropologist John Rush says that is greater than a coincidence. In truth, the chimney symbology additionally finds a house within the snowy banks of northern shamanistic communities. 
“Because the story goes, up till a number of hundred years in the past, these practising shamans or clergymen related to the older traditions would gather Amanita muscaria (the Holy Mushroom), dry them after which give them as items on the winter solstice. As a result of snow is normally blocking doorways, there was a gap within the roof by way of which individuals entered and exited, thus the chimney story.”
Since Amanita muscaria is toxic, shamans dry them out on tree branches. These Santa prototypes had been adorning timber lengthy earlier than we chopped them down and introduced them into our dwelling rooms. 

Siberian shamans aren’t the one mushroom-eating drugs males. The Samis of Lapland in northern Finland additionally share tales about therapeutic by way of gift-giving whereas drying psychedelic mushrooms on timber. As Matthew Salton writes within the NY Occasions
“An all-knowing man who defies area and time? Flying reindeer? Reindeer-drawn sleds? Climbing down the chimney? The giving of items? The tales of the Sami shamans have all of it.”
Regional connections shouldn’t shock us. Wherever psychedelics seem in nature, rituals have emerged to rejoice them. As students like Eliade be aware, frequent motifs in drugs tribes embody astral flight, therapeutic powers, and trance states typically related to psychedelics. He writes secret societies being constructed across the notion of loss of life and resurrection are a repeated historic phenomenon. 
And what story higher suits the mythos of Santa Claus, a person dressed like a psychedelic mushroom who’s reborn yearly, flying all over the world bringing therapeutic items to kids, but isn’t seen by a soul? 
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